Gastronomes, Unite

Every day I feel myself falling a little farther into the world of food. I’m constantly milling around the restaurants, learning from the chefs, talking about recipes in the office. Seriously, is this real life? Living this (maybe) real life of mine has made me want to connect over food even more than I already do, so I can’t resist partaking in two really fun, social food activities: The Food Blogger Cookie Swap and Foodie Pen Pals.

Last year I participated in the Food Blogger Cookie Swap and had a blast. I made cookies and sent them to three other bloggers, and in turn received cookies from three other bloggers. Such a fun holiday experience! I wanted this experience to happen more often than just around the holidays, so luckily today I stumbled upon Foodie Pen Pals, where every month you send a box of goodies and receive a box of goodies from a pen pal. It sounds like it’ll be so much fun and it’ll really get my creative juices flowing when trying to think up what to send my pen pal.

If you’re thinking about signing up, DO IT! It’s a great way to meet new people in the blogging community, and meet other people who just love food.


Patriotic 5k – Complete!

This past Sunday, the day before Marathon Monday, I ran the Patriotic 5k with Andrew and our friend Lucas. It was a hot day, up around 80 degrees, and boy did we feel sluggish. Despite feeling sluggish, we all ran a pretty good race. Lucas ran phenomenally fast, coming in 21st place with a time of 24:46. Crazy man. Andrew and I ran together, as we always do, and were convinced we were taking at least 40 minutes to complete the thing. But, despite our ill-feelings, we set a PR for ourselves: 35:38. That’s an 11:30 min/mile pace, which is better than our last 5k which was a bit over a 12 min/mile pace. Regardless of the results, we all had fun being outside and being active, and that’s really what it’s all about – isn’t it?

pre-race, feeling chipper

pre-race, feeling chipper

pre-race size difference

pre-race size difference. awkward.

pre-race, still awkward

pre-race, still awkward

post-race, sweaty beasts

post-race, sweaty beasts

post-race, so proud

post-race, so proud

A Thank You to Real Friends

It’s been almost six years since I left Los Angeles to come to Boston. Six years since I left my friends and family to start a new chapter in my life, in a city I’d visited once, with not a single familiar person by my side. In college I made friends immediately through softball, dorm-living, classes. Some friendships grew, some fizzled, and, in classic Harvard fashion, some people pretended like they never even met you in the first place. But there are friends I made who will stay with me for life. Friendships that cultivated over time and took on a life of their own. I know that no matter the distance, no matter the amount of time that passes since the last time we spoke, we’ll always be there for each other – to laugh and to cry and everything in-between

Now, with college graduation almost one year behind me, I find myself looking around to see great friends scattered across the globe – Texas, Ireland, California, New York – and few still left in Boston. In my reflection, I found the following article that really made me view those true friendships in a new light, and made me want to say, to all my real friends, thank you.

Read: A Thank You To Real Friends

Happy Easter – A Day Late

I hope everyone had a great Easter yesterday! While I don’t celebrate Easter for any religious reasons (unless you consider viewing Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs as your God, which I occasionally do), I do enjoy in the festivities and food. Andrew and I dyed some eggs and I made some cupcakes and we had Easter brunch with his family and we called it a day.

never enough glitter

birds' nests cupcakes

And then we came home and watched the Sox lose. BOO. Better luck tonight.

Weight Watchers Weekly Update

In all honesty, this past week I wasn’t as diligent as I should have been in terms of tracking my food intake, limiting my alcohol consumption, and working out. I saw some success last week and that made me slack a little bit. Dolvett on Biggest Loser would be disappointed, and I would not want to disappoint that specimen of a man. Luckily, I was still good enough that I saw some losses. This is inspiration to get back on track, not slack off:

In the last 7 days:

Hips: -0.8 in

Bust: -1 in

Waist: -0.5 in

Thighs: -0.25 in each

Total: -2.8 inches

Also, check out this tumblr: Reasons to be Fit. Very inspiring for anyone who’s looking for a reason to be fit.

New Patio

With Spring nearly upon us, Andrew and I decided it was necessary to give our patio a face lift. We knew the space had potential, but it was filled with gross folding chairs, a rotted out desk serving as a table, and a dirty broken grill. This last weekend we got down to business and cleaned the whole thing – got rid of the broken folding chairs, tore down the rotted out desk, swept the patio, ran away from imaginary spiders I was sure were there (even though they weren’t – allegedly), and gave the place the TLC it deserved. The following is the result:

Chairs: IKEA Lacko Armchair ($39.99/each)

Cushions: Costco ($15/set)

White Shelving Space: IKEA Expedit Shelving Unit ($39.99)

Green Table: IKEA Lack Side Table ($7.99)

Under $150 for everything. What a great deal.

Now everyone can come over and chill while we grill it up. So excited about this Spring and Summer.

West Coast Girls Meet East Coast Snow

This weekend when my mom came out from Los Angeles to visit, I was shocked to discover she wanted to try skiing. Neither of us have ever skied and my mom has never even seen snow, let alone considered doing anything athletic in it. And generally speaking, I’m skeptical of snow and snow sports. I like when snow falls lightly, I like making snowballs, I like snowball fights – but winter sports? Forget it. Not possible. Those people who ski and snowboard in the Olympics are some kind of mutant humans who have the superpower of gliding over snow. I was not endowed with such superpowers. I tried my hand at snowboarding once only to have it end in disaster. Injured, sore, awful disaster.

Well, one two-hour ski lesson later, and we were hooked. Who ever thought two snow-sport newbies from Los Angeles could become  professional bunny slope skiers so quickly? I know. We’re pretty impressive.

the pros

a real skier, maxin', relaxin'